Dining Out

Dishes are presented as beautifully as artwork at Sapporo Sushi, from the traditional rolls down to the floral accents and adornments like ginger and wasabi.

Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to gather with family to celebrate the women in our lives who mean the most to us. It’s also a great excuse to have a delicious buffet, brunch, lunch or dinner. This year, leave the cooking up to one of Woodbury’s fantastic restaurants.

Woodbury has gone nuts…for nuts! Many of our local restaurants feature delicious dishes that are both nutritious and chock-full of nuts. Who knew nuts were so versatile? They add the perfect finishing touch to salads, spreads, entrées, desserts and more.

Pizza is the most simple thing to do, but not simple to do right,” says Angelo Montes, chef and proprietor at Sole Mio Ristorante. Born in Sicily, Montes moved to America in 1999 from the Milan area of Italy. It is a pleasure to listen to him pontificate on the misunderstood art of pizza.

The idea behind Café Zupas started 11 years ago in Provo, Utah when the founders decided to open up a restaurant that would provide gourmet, well-prepared food in a comfortable environment that could serve families, businesspeople and everyon

Last August, Woodbury’s very first authentic taqueria opened up in the space formerly occupied by DeLeo Bros. Pizza at Tamarack Hills.

Spring is upon us, and that means many of us have caught the health bug. Whether your vice is cycling, swimming or extreme ironing, you need to fuel your body for success.

Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, an 18th century French gourmet-foodie once said, “Dessert without cheese is like a beauty with only one eye.” Clearly, this was a man passionate about his fromage, and in fact, there’s a cow’s milk cheese that’s named after him.

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a new bakery in town: Sugar Love has opened a new shop in Tamarack Hills.

It’s the best of times; it’s the worst of times. It’s dinner with the family. Like a good old-fashioned buffet line, when you’re with this crowd you get a little bit of everything. The plate-piled-high dinners, excited storytelling and happy news sharing over everyone’s favorite dessert.

Cowboy Jack's new Woodbury location.

With five restaurants already under its belt, Cowboy Jack’s opened its first east metro location in Woodbury in May.