Discover a New Workout Routine at F45 Woodbury that Only Lasts 45 Minutes

A new fitness option in Woodbury showcases a community-based style of fitness. F45 Training Woodbury contains a new exercise regime that changes daily, offering 28 different programs designed by the F45 corporate fitness department.

Sessions last 45 minutes during weekdays and increase to one hour on Saturdays. Each one focuses on different aspects of the body. Sherri Smith, owner of the Woodbury training facility, says the variability of the programs is designed in this manner as a way to minimize injury. “It’s still a total body workout,” she says. “It’s just different every day so you can do the workout and not hurt your body.” She adds that the change and diversity of the programs are what entice people to return.

Smith’s F45 Training center is the first in Minnesota. She noticed that the unique design of F45’s programs was unlike anything she had seen. “If you do it every day, 45 minutes are all you need to make changes,” Smith says.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday are cardio-based programs, while Tuesday and Thursday are strength-based classes. On Saturdays, a combination cardio and strength workout is paired with a live DJ for an hour session. The weekend class is Smith’s favorite due to its high-energy atmosphere and the way it brings everyone together.

Smith’s clients call F45 the “‘Cheers’ of fitness,” most likely due to Smith’s insistence on calling everyone by name and getting the members to know each other. “It’s not about one person,” Smith says. “It’s about the group.”