Engraving Experts

Blackwood’s Creations offers custom engravings with personal service.
Custom engraved pieces from Blackwood’s Creations.

A second generation has started a business based on a concrete foundation. Woodbury residents Todd and Katie Kuball are co-owners of Blackwood’s Creations, a company specializing in custom engraving. Blackwood is the last name of Katie Kuball’s father, who started his own engraving company in 2005 in northern Minnesota—Blackwood’s Concrete—based on more than 35 years of experience with concrete.

Kuball’s father purchased an engraving machine for his business which ended up with Todd and Katie, and last summer the new company, Blackwood’s Creations, was born. “As we learned the software, we learned it on wood,” Katie says. Soon neighbors got wind of their beautiful custom wood engravings. But that wasn’t the end of their creations. The couple found they could engrave just about anything, including metal, wood, glass, marble, stone and concrete. And customers, including many businesses, continued to contact them for their work.

“We’ve gotten so busy that we can’t do it out of our home anymore; it takes up our whole house,” Katie says. With two little ones—Payton, age 4 and Audina, age 2—and twins on the way, the Kuballs plan to move manufacturing up north, but still provide their custom engraving pieces to their local community. “I’ve always loved this because you can get really involved in the community and build those relationships,” Todd says. “It’s all about keeping things local and small and together.”