Focus on Woodbury: Kizzy

A hungry cat stares down her owner for a second breakfast.

Jill Lutz’s 17-year-old orange tabby, Kizzy, “has an appetite that can put a teenage boy to shame,” Lutz says. “The day I took the picture, she had already had her first breakfast and was getting in my face about a second breakfast. My camera was just sitting on my bed, within arm’s reach, and the lighting was perfect to snap the shot.”

Lutz, who is a logistics materials administrator at 3M in Cottage Grove, notes that this photo has a big place in her heart. “What is most special about this picture is that Miss Kizzy has had some health issues lately, and has gone from a 12-pound, super shy princess to a 6-pound social kitty that will let anyone touch her if there is a possibility that they have food,” she says. “At 17, I know she won’t be around much longer. So I’m glad to have this wonderful shot of her.”

A Woodbury resident for four years, Lutz enjoys taking pictures of her kids and cats. “But when I’m trying to be creative, I love nature and architectural photography,” she says. “I took the photo of Kizzy with my Samsung Mirrorless digital camera. I gave up my Canon DSLR for it, and haven’t regretted it one bit.”

Lutz wanted to mention one additional thing: “Skol Vikings,” she says. “We love the Vikings at our house.”

This Woodbury Magazine 2016 Focus on Woodbury Photo Contest picture was taken with a Samsung Mirrorless digital camera.