Heart Rates Rising

Woodbury’s new Orangetheory Fitness opens this summer.
Orangetheory coach-led workouts use treadmills, rowers and weights.

Orangetheory Fitness is opening soon, bringing with it an interesting way of working out. “It’s a heart rate-based full body workout,” owner Courtney Martin says. “It focuses on three different things—endurance, strength and power. And each workout will be either a combination of all three of those focuses, or focus mainly on endurance, mainly on strength or mainly on power.”

The workout uses treadmills, rowers and weights and is coach-led. It has the feel of being a group workout, but with a personal touch. Heart rates will be displayed on large TV screens throughout the studio, “so you get real-time feedback of where you are and how hard you’re working,” Martin says. “And the coach can help use that as a way to help guide you through your workout and personalize it.”

Orangetheory Fitness uses their own technology and software for their heart rate monitors, called OTBeat. “We also offer an option of what we call a Link, which is just like a watch that goes around your wrist,” Martin says.

Membership prices vary on the person’s goal. “We have so many different pricing options; we like to talk through their fitness goals and what they’re hoping to accomplish and then come up with the best options for them,” Martin says. The subscription is no contract and clients can use any of their 600 different locations across the country.

It’s apparent that Martin feels strongly about the workout. “We started as members at another location in the Twin Cities and just fell in love with the workout,” she says. “It’s so focused on results and getting you to the goals that you have. And it’s such an efficient use of time.”