Jessica Stegbauer, owner and creator behind Rusty7s, shows off some of her handmade signs.

As a stay-at-home mom for nearly 15 years, Jessica Stegbauer, owner and creator behind Rusty7s, was looking for a way to get in touch with her artistic side.

Forget farm to table. At the Fahey house, it’s common practice to just pick the food and eat it immediately…no preparation required. That’s easy to do when the garden is inside the kitchen, central to everything, and everyone, in the house.

Woodbury Flats is a new apartment development set to be built within Woodbury’s Urban Village, a large master plan created by the city of Woodbury mapping out the land parcel at the southwest corner of Bailey Road and Radio Drive.

“We’re basically a one-stop shop for all home technology,” says Brandon Schultze, co-founder of North Star Home Technologies.

According to Jim Westerman, the city of Woodbury’s utilities superintendent, the number of wells used to provide water to residents in the summer versus the winter jumps from two to four in cold months, and 14 to 16 in warmer months, almost entirely due to lawn irrigation.

Looking for a new spring project to spruce up your outdoor space? Landscape designer and head of the new landscape division at Ispiri, Ami Johannson, offers advice for those looking for a new spring project.

Saint Therese has been helping seniors for more than 40 years. This February, after years of planning and building, a new facility has opened in Woodbury.

Pomegranate Designs offers professional expertise when it comes to home design and also expertise for decorating your home for the season, including your holiday table.

“I joke that I came to an auction to buy a lamp, and came home with a house,” says the co-owner of the historic Charles Spangenberg Farmstead on the southern edge of Woodbury, one of Washington County’s few remaining 19th-century farmsteads.

Jim Kachel always knew he wanted to work with his hands. What he didn’t know was that someday he would own his own business. “At a young age I watched my father finish our basement and thought it was cool,” Kachel says.

Want to know what’s happening in Woodbury? The annual State of the City address provides a snapshot on the economic condition of our city as well as upcoming projects and goals.