Kicking Your Way to Healthy

A new kickboxing studio has opened in Eagle Valley Marketplace.

Lots of energy and action can be found at i Love Kickboxing which opened on Woodbury’s east side at Eagle Valley Marketplace, bringing with it a great workout place. “It is a cardio kickboxing workout,” franchise manager Courtney Mott says. “The workouts consist of one hour. It’s going to start with a 15-minute warmup. After that, we have you cool down with some stretching. And then we’re going to do multiple rounds, where we do different combinations.”

The community aspect of i Love Kickboxing makes the studio unique; they have a VIP Facebook for members, where they can share fitness tips or find someone to join them at the gym. “We offer a lot of support because the one hour on the mat is really easy. But the 23 hours outside of the gym are usually where people struggle,” Mott says. “We’re going to hold them accountable because we know they’re there for goals and they’re there for change and we want to be part of that journey.”

i Love Kickboxing offers members seven-month and 12-month unrestricted options. “With the seven-month program, you’re only going to make six payments; with the 12-month program, you’re only going to make 11 payments,” Mott says.