Let’s Get Fyzical

Physical therapy clinic offers personalized treatment and state-of-the-art equipment.

The previous Therax Rehab recently joined national franchise Fyzical Therapy and Balance to offer more innovative and productive services. “One of the reasons I joined Fyzical is because it is a physical therapy practice that is aimed at treating people holistically and individually,” says Jan Hanson, owner.

Fyzical Therapy and Balance in Woodbury specializes in three areas: chronic pain, balance and wellness. The location is unique as it includes an overhead rail system and a Pilates reformer. “As you get older, you are afraid of falling,” Hanson says. The Pilates reformer creates a more comfortable and productive workout experience for those with motor difficulties while the overhead rail system has a harness to alleviate the fear of falling while undergoing rehabilitation. Services are available for patients of all ages.