Raising Money for A Chance to Cascade Down A Downtown Minneapolis Building

Participants in the Double Dog Dare raise money for the Northern Star Council Boy Scouts by rappelling down the U.S. Bank Plaza.
Kelly Jahner-Byrne rappels from the U.S. Bank Plaza to raise funds for the Northern Star Council Boy Scouts.

The Double Dog Dare Challenge is a fundraiser benefitting the Northern Star Council of the Boy Scouts of America, where participants raise $1,000 for the opportunity to rappel down the 23-story U.S. Bank Plaza in downtown Minneapolis. A team of Woodbury residents dubbed “The Rose and the Thorns” will participate in the event on September 9.

Roger Green has been a volunteer for the Northern Star Council for 25 years and first learned about this fundraiser five years ago from a fellow Woodbury resident, Tim Bradshaw. Green has participated in the event each year and invited other local residents to join him, including Kelly Jahner-Byrne, CEO of Kelly Enterprises International, and Christopher Burns, attorney and Woodbury City Council member.

Jahner-Byrne, a third-year event participant, and Green, a fifth-year participant, have experienced immense support from their community and even the workers in their office buildings, who hold up supportive signs to the windows during the event.

“You do have to summon up a bit of courage, though and each year I get a little braver,” Jahner-Byrne says. Green agrees that although it can be a little daunting, the event should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Double Dog Dare
U.S. Bank Plaza, 200 S. 6th St. Mpls.; 651.254.9149;
To donate and support the Woodbury team or to register for the event, visit the website here.