Spice Up Your Grill

Time to heat up the grill for summertime delights.

Grilling isn’t all about hamburgers and hot dogs. Are you ready to explore some new adventures with your grill? We asked Kowalski’s Markets culinary director Rachael Perron for some unique recipes to spice up your summer grilling season, including these delightful desserts.

Serves 4
½ cup lemon curd
4 mini naan
8 jumbo marshmallows

Scoop an even amount of curd on each piece of naan; spread to ½” from the edge. Use scissors to cut each marshmallow crosswise into 3 round slices. Place 5-6 marshmallows on each flatbread. Grill, marshmallows up, directly over a grill heated to medium-low until dark grill marks form and marshmallows puff and soften, rotating naan occasionally to prevent excess charring (about 4 min. total). Remove from grill and let stand 2-3 min. before serving.

Serves 8
1 Kowalski’s pound cake
Cooking spray

Slice cake into 8 evenly thick pieces; spray cut sides lightly with cooking spray. Grill over medium heat on a nonstick grill pan until grill marks form and cake is warm throughout, turning once (about 2 min. per side). Gently remove cake from pan.

Serves 4
2 heads romaine lettuce, washed and thoroughly dried, outer leaves removed
Olive oil, for grilling
Caesar salad dressing, to taste
Italian Parmesan croutons, crushed, to taste
Freshly grated or shredded Parmesan cheese, to taste
Freshly ground black peppercorns, to taste

Trim tops of lettuces to remove broken or limp ends; cut in half lengthwise, mist or lightly brush cut sides with oil. Grill, cut side down, directly over a grill heated to medium-high until dark grill marks form (about 2 min.). Serve immediately, drizzled with dressing and sprinkled with crouton crumbs, cheese and a generous amount of pepper.

Serves 4
4 slices artisan bread, such as Kowalski's Ciabatta or Rosemary Olive Oil Loaf
Olive oil, optional

Mist or lightly brush one side of bread with oil, if desired. Grill, oiled side down, directly over a grill heated to medium-high until grill marks form (about 2 min.); turn over and toast other side (about 1 min. more).

Serves 6
6 oz. piece Halloumi cheese
4-6 jarred fig or grape leaves in brine
1 Tbsp. finely chopped olive tapenade
2 (8") bamboo skewers, soaked in water
1 Tbsp. lemon juice

For serving: Grilled Artisan Bread, Valencia Almonds and fig spread
Place cheese in center of fig leaves. Spoon 1 Tbsp. chopped olives over cheese; wrap leaves to enclose cheese. Push skewers through cheese so the skewers cross one another. Grill over a grill preheated to medium-high heat, lid down, until leaves are crisp and cheese softens, turning once (about 2 min. per side); remove skewers. Place cheese on a serving dish; gently pry open leaves. Drizzle cheese with lemon juice. Serve immediately with grilled bread, almonds and fig spread.

Makes 16
½ pineapple, cored and sliced ½" thick
Extra virgin olive oil
¼ cup Velvet Bees gourmet honey butter, warmed
6 oz. aged cheddar cheese, sliced ⅛" thick
Cayenne pepper and smoked paprika, to taste (optional)

Lightly brush pineapple with oil. Grill over high heat, covered, until pineapple is nicely charred (about 6 min. per side). Cut grilled pineapple slices into quarters; place a slice of cheese over each piece of pineapple and drizzle with a little honey butter. Skewer 1 piece each of pineapple and cheese together on a toothpick; dust lightly with cayenne and paprika, if desired.

Serves 4
16 whole strawberries
3 (1" thick) slices angel food cake
For serving: whipped cream, to taste

Hull and stem 12 strawberries; set aside. Cut each slice of cake into 4 cubes (1"). Place an un-stemmed strawberry on each of 4 water-soaked wooden skewers; alternate cake cubes and hulled berries until you have 4 skewers each with 4 berries and 3 pieces of cake. Spray kabobs lightly with cooking spray; grill directly over a grill heated to low until dark grill marks form and berries start to soften, turning occasionally (about 4 min. total). Serve immediately with whipped cream for dipping.