Best of Woodbury

Best of Woodbury 2017

This is a milestone year for Woodbury, as our city is celebrating its 50th anniversary. There’s a lot to celebrate in our town. Each month, Woodbury Magazine brings you stories of the people, restaurants, shops and service providers that make our city such a wonderful place. In this issue the focus is on you, our readers, as we recognize your favorite things with our Best of Woodbury 2017 readers’ choice winners.

Announcing the 2016 Best of Woodbury Survey

We are excited to announce that the 2016 Best of Woodbury survey is here! Don't miss your chance to vote for your favorite shops, restaurants, people, hot spots and more. By popular demand, we'll also be printing the results of the annual readers' choice survey in a special edition of Woodbury Magazine, and we'll need your help to fill it with the best our community has to offer.

The Best of Woodbury 2014: Your Favorite Shops, Restaurants, People and More

Click here to view photos from the 2014 Best of Woodbury celebration at the Sheraton St. Paul Woodbury Hotel.

Raindrops on roses? You can find those at Warner’s Outdoor Solutions. Whiskers on kittens? Plentiful at Hudson Road Animal Hospital. Bright copper kettles? Check out the kitchen at The Tavern Grill. And what about warm woolen mittens? In stock at A Whimsical Place.

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