Winter Wonder-land

Heidi Buschbach snaps a photo of a wintertime family creation.

The Buschbach family of Woodbury is represented in this delightful snow family which was created in their backyard. “I took this photo after my son and husband built the great representation of our family,” says Heidi Buschbach. “They even used the correct winter gear for each of us! The adults are my husband Michael and me; the next tallest is my 12-year-old daughter Acacia, then my 8-year-old daughter Evelyn, then 6-year-old son Anthony and 4-year-old daughter Lillian. My husband is 6’1” so those snowmen were very tall. He had to really strain to get the heads on the adult snowmen because they were so heavy. It was pretty hilarious.”

Buschbach has a full and busy life as a homemaker and a homeschooling mom. “This year I’m teaching seventh, third and first grades and preschool,” she says. “I also run a homeschool co-op in Woodbury and am writing a music curriculum for a program our family is piloting this year. I also really enjoy serving at our church.”

In addition to photos of her children, Buschbach enjoys capturing nature. “Some of my favorite photos are of flowers and insects, or unusual things I find when my children and I take our nature hikes,” she says. “I love taking pictures up close to show the unique detail of each specimen.”

This photo from Woodbury Magazine’s 2016 Focus on Woodbury Photo Contest was taken with a Canon Rebel T3i camera.