2017 Focus on Woodbury Winners

Congrats to this year's winners!

Every year, Woodbury Magazine accepts photography submissions from the community for the annual Focus on Woodbury photo contest. The photos are submitted in five categories: Activities & Events; People & Families; Pets; Wildlife & Nature; and City Landmarks. In September, winners were selected by a Woodbury Magazine judging panel, and a Reader's Choice winner was awarded based on votes from the community at woodburymag.com. Congrats to this year's winners!


Activities & Events
First place: “The Ride of Their Lives” by Joe Briol
Second place: “Snow Globe” by Mackenzie Harding
Third place: “Woodbury Eclipse Party 2017” by Jonathan Hunt
Honorable mention: “Sideline Soaring” by Langley Melendres
Honorable mention: “Backyard Blast” by Liz Boyer

City Landmarks
First place: “So Many Memories Inside” by Karen Bradley
Second place: “Tranquility” by Karen Bradley
Third place: “Sunset on the Cross” by Michael Flaherty
Honorable Mention: “April Morning” by Jane Andersen

People & Families
First place: “I Haven't the Foggiest” by Mackenzie Harding
Second place: “Ms Farmer's Market” by Srilekha Senthil
Third place: “Woodbury Girls” by David Butenhoff
Honorable mention: “Hot dogs and Lemonade” by Michele Zywiec

First place: “Daisy Mae Loves Water!” by Renae Jensen
Second place: “Contented Fallon” by Lorrie Burdeski
Third place: “Making the Bed” by Jane Andersen
Honorable menion: “Fall in Minnesota” by Howard Hilde
Honorable mention: “Be Careful” by Karen Bradley

Wildlife & Nature
First place: “Up Close and Beautiful” by Thanna Goff
Second place: “Finding the Light” by Christina Zheng
Third place: “Ominous Solar Eclipse” by Michaela Finley
Honorable mention: “Turtle at the VFW Veterans Memorial” by Ron Hawkins
Honorable mention: “Woodbury vs. TC Fire” by John Crouch

Historic Photos
First place: “Scenes From The Stutzman Farm (Now Marsh Creek)” by Patty (Stutzman) Paulus
Second place: “Scenes From The Stutzman Farm (Now Marsh Creek) 2” by Patty (Stutzman) Paulus
Third place: “Then (1972) & Now (2017)” by Greg & Gayla Nichols

Readers’ Choice
“Move Over Rudolph, Herbie's in Town!” by Rachel Scholz


The editorial and art jury reserved the right to move a photograph to a different category than the one in which it was submitted, and to award places based on the number and quality of photographs received. The Readers' Choice winner is the photograph that receives the total highest number of votes from readers on woodburymag.com (all photographs submitted to the contest are on the ballot). The editorial and art jury has no involvement with selecting the Readers' Choice winner.