4 Tips for Choosing Wallpaper

Blue wallpaper
Read these tips from a local interior designer before plastering your room with a new look.

This article originally appeared as part of the story Wallpaper Revival in the March 2019 issue.

  • Before making a final selection, see an actual sample of the paper in the room where it will be installed, since colors can appear different in various lighting conditions.
  • Consult an installer for the exact amount of paper you’ll need. Pattern repeats and varying roll sizes are not easily calculated by old-school equations for measuring.
  • Be sure the paper type (natural fiber, paper, vinyl, etc.) is appropriate for your lifestyle. A grass cloth in a bathroom that gets a lot of splashing won’t hold up. Try vinyl instead.
  • While paper can be applied over plaster, paneling, old wallpaper or tile, be sure it’s the right paper type to perform over these unusual sub-surfaces. Consult an installer or designer for advice.

Sarah Olsen is an ASID-degreed interior designer since 1993 and is based at Merriment, her Woodbury design studio and retail shop.