Accessorize with Some Summer Flair

Jewelry picks to brighten up the season from Merriment Adornments.

Merriment Adornments is a known home and interior design store in Tamarack Hills. What may not be known is the beautiful jewelry found inside. “We have a number of jewelry lines, some from bigger vendors but most from small vendors around the U.S. that are one-of-a-kinds; our most popular lines are from local resources that do custom work,” says Sarah Olsen, owner of Merriment.

One of the jewelry designers, Cheryl Rasmussen, is from Hudson. The majority of her work is custom, with each piece being handmade. “Our customers even bring in old pendant charms and have Cheryl create something with them,” Olsen says. Each of Rasmussen’s beaded bracelets are unique, with different colors of carefully picked beads, stone and charms. “Her pieces sell themselves” says Olsen about the craftsmanship and beauty of the jewelry. Rasmussen’s pieces range in price from $18 to $45 for earrings, and $35 to $150 for necklaces.

Another line of jewelry found at Merriment is Waxing Poetic. The collection features a mixture of sterling silver and brass pieces. The rolo bracelet, in medium and large sizes, is handmade with links of either brass or sterling silver which feature a beautifully simple touch. Charms can be added for additional flair. The prices for the bracelets in brass finish are as follows: $30 medium and $38 large; in sterling silver: $37 medium and $100 large. Merriment’s whimsical and creative jewelry collection has great items to give as gifts or as a lovely gift to yourself.

Merriment Adornments
803 Bielenberg Drive