All in the Family

The story behind longtime local business Woodlane Flowers.

Still in its original location since 1978, Woodlane Flowers is one of Woodbury’s oldest family businesses. It has blossomed right along with the city, and today the Anderson family continues to bring attention-getting arrangements to people all over the Twin Cities.

Pursuing a passion for horticulture, founder Gail Anderson started working in his garage. “I was providing little basket combinations to hospital gift shops,” Anderson says. “We had the idea for a store and it all came together. At the time, Woodbury consisted of Woodlane Shopping Center and that was it. There happened to be a vacant space, so we brought on a floral designer and the family got involved right away.” Anderson, along with his wife Claire, daughter Jodie and son Wade, all work in the shop.

The business has evolved over the years, from sourcing flower coolers and product to hospital gift shops to expanding their Woodlane Drive shop twice. But the philosophy has remained the same: To provide the best and freshest offerings for the retail customer. “Not all flowers are equal,” says Wade Anderson, who handles operations and design. “There is a science to getting it here properly.” Woodlane sources flowers from local growers and worldwide markets, and they have invested in the latest technologies. Woodlane also offers candies, cards, and small gifts like jewelry, handbags and scarves.

Wade notes that it may be helpful to check out Woodlane Flowers’ website to craft the best gifts. “You can use our website to see a picture, even order online, but if you want to change colors, make it smaller or larger, have it delivered by 1 p.m., etc., we can do all of that,” he says. “It really offers a better value and end gift if you can contact the person who is actually going to make your arrangement and deliver it.”

Nobody has seen the business evolve with Woodbury quite like Woodlane’s long-time delivery driver, Duane Wait. “Colby Lake was just rural farm fields,” says Wait, who, after driving local streets for 21 years, has seen Woodbury grow up along with Woodlane’s regular customers. “I’ve been delivering to the same lady every Monday. I’ve watched her kids grow up; I know her pets. We’ve grown a friendship over the years.”

For longtime customer Linda Madera, it’s the unique arrangements and personal service that keeps her coming back. “When we moved to Woodbury 20 years ago, Wade made us a wreath and it’s still hanging over our fireplace,” says Linda, who has used Woodlane for birthdays, funerals, parties and more. “You always get something unique and they have top-quality flowers.”

Woodlane Flowers’ Tips for Sensational Sentiments

Romantic Reminder
“If men understood the power of flowers, they would all be weekly customers,” Wade Anderson says. Woodlane has a 30-foot cooler with a large selection of items-to-go, great for last-minute gifts. “If you have some time, we can customize something for you,” he adds.

Touching Tribute
“Sympathy flowers are an expression of warmth like nothing else,” Gail Anderson says. The thoughtful gesture, nothing too large or too fancy, can bring a softening to a visitation or funeral service.

Enchanted Evening
For prom flowers, the key is starting early. “You can bring in your dress and we will help coordinate colors and the latest trends,” Wade says. “We really like to make it a special experience.” You can also have your corsages delivered the morning of prom.

Blushing Brides
Woodlane Flowers can offer everything for your wedding. “Our brides like to use inspirations from Pinterest and we can help refine the style to suit their budget,” says Wade, who does all the bouquet consultations and design.


Woodlane Flowers
Woodlane Flowers delivers across the Twin Cities and has same-day delivery.
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