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Everything from cupcakes to Indian food: You can find many things patriotic in Woodbury.
Nadia Cakes’ patriotic fresh strawberry and fireworks cupcakes.

With our nation’s celebration of Independence Day this month, now’s the time to show our patriotic red, white and blue in Woodbury. Check out these colorful foods around town that look beautiful and taste delicious as well.

Fresh Strawberry and Fireworks Cupcakes

Nadia Cakes
Don’t miss these specialty cupcakes, available only in the summer months. Get in the spirit of the 4th with a sweet and fruity treat that is dressed in red from head to toe. Every batch of Nadia’s fresh strawberry cupcakes is made with a pound of fresh berries and topped with a fresh strawberry buttercream frosting and red candied heart. Or try another holiday special, the fireworks cupcake. This red velvet cupcake is topped with Pop Rocks and red, white and blue star sprinkles. Let your taste buds experience the fireworks of these delicious cupcakes while you get ready to watch the fireworks go off. Both cupcakes are available in a gluten-free option. Four for $12.50.

Blueberry Waffles and French Toast

Woodbury Café
Try your usual breakfast favorites from Woodbury Café with a yummy blue twist in honor of the Fourth of July. Start your holiday off right by ordering the homemade malted waffle, topped with syrup and powdered sugar, but don’t forget to add the blueberries. $7.95, $1 extra for blueberries. Or try the Zydeco French toast: three slices of thick-cut sourdough bread dipped in a French toast batter, grilled to golden-brown perfection, sprinkled with powdered sugar and topped with blueberries. $10.95.

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Thanh Truc
This tasty authentic Vietnamese cuisine offers Thai and Chinese food that you have to try. And better yet, this “red” dish is offered all year long, not just in July. Sweet and sour chicken is a popular Chinese dish with a tangy red-orange sauce. The natural sweetness of this dish paired with some warm chili flavors to spice things up make it a local favorite. $9. Though Thanh Truc is closed the third and fourth of July, this delightful red sauce dish is great for dine-in or take-out any day of the week.

Chicken or Lamb Karara Balti

India Palace
Balti may not look like a patriotic dish, but it is not shy when it comes to some of the best red and white ingredients: dry red chilies and white wine. These specialty dishes come in a chicken or lamb option, are cooked in a special sauce with toasted coconut and highlighted by the heat of the red chilies and soothing finish of the white wine. Further enhance the Independence Day spirit by pairing this dish with one of India Palace’s red wine selections. White and red wine; there may not be a blue, but you’ll be off to a great start to your holiday weekend. $14.99 lamb, $12.99 chicken. Wine per glass, $5.50-$6.50.

Stars and Stripes

Nothing Bundt Cakes
These freshly-made bundt cakes are perfect for any occasion and made with eggs, real butter and real cream cheese. The stars and stripes cake is perfect for the 4th of July. This special cake is topped with a giant blue-dotted bow with stars in the center and includes a paper roll with instructions on how to make a pinwheel. The best part? The candles are sparklers. It doesn’t get much yummier or more patriotic than this. Decorated 8-inch $29.50.

Cherry and Boysenberry Pie and Champagne Cake

Kowalski’s Market
Fruit pies are a favorite summer dessert, and with red and blue fruit such as cherries and boysenberries and a dollop of whipped cream, they were made for this holiday. The signature fruit pies at Kowalski’s Market are made with only the very best ingredients with hand-selected fruit from local, trusted farmers. $12.99. Or try a mouthwatering specialty dessert cake such as the champagne cake, a white cake made with real champagne that can be topped or filled with fresh seasonal fruit. Standard round $24.99.

Very Raspberry, White Vanilla and Blueberry Burst

Cherry Berry
You have options for red, white and blue at Cherry Berry and the choices don’t end there. Try a sweet and tart raspberry frozen yogurt, a basic white vanilla or a burst of blueberry frozen yogurt. Even mix the three and top it all with your favorite patriotic-looking toppings such as strawberries, sprinkles and colorful gummies. Pricing by ounce.