Art and the Environment

Local artist Danielle Edstrom wants to send an environmental message with her artwork.
Nature/wildlife scenes are often featured in Danielle Edstrom’s artwork.

Artist Danielle Edstrom was born and raised in Minnesota, but has lived in various other states in the country. She moved to Woodbury last summer and is focusing on pursuing her enthusiasm for art. “As a kid I was an artist; I’ve always been an artist,” Edstrom says.

After graduating from the University of Minnesota with a degree in fine arts, Edstrom worked in salon and spa interior design before deciding to focus again on her artwork. “I realized it was a huge part of me that was missing,” she says. She then joined a mentorship program titled Women’s Art Resources of Minnesota—otherwise known as WARM—to follow her true passion.

Edstrom paints mostly oil pieces and considers her work to be more contemporary than modern. She describes her exact technique as a combination of traditional painting and drawing, and contemporary expressionism and abstraction. “It’s really a new style that I think is going to have a name someday,” she says. While Edstrom has done quite a few portraits in her time as an artist, she prefers nature and wildlife scenes.

In the future, Edstrom sees herself continuing to portray environmental themes in her work. She started a monarch butterfly series awhile back and plans on revisiting that project. “I’ve been thinking about what’s happening to our monarch population, and then opening up lines of communication to talking about the greater issues we have with our environment and conservation right now,” she says.