Barbara Tuccitto Warren, Woodbury Chamber of Commerce

New Chamber of Commerce president shares what she’s learned so far about Woodbury.
Barbara Tuccitto Warren

Since taking the helm of the Woodbury Chamber of Commerce six months ago, Barbara Tuccitto Warren has been out and about in our community, meeting with business leaders, government officials and local civic organizations. Here are her first impressions as she settles into her role as chamber president. People who live in Woodbury love living in Woodbury. “I’ve found this across the board, in every sector and every age.”There is significant residential and commercial growth happening in the city. “I discovered this immediately; Woodbury is a thriving and growing community.”Woodbury has it all. “One of the things I first noticed is that you don’t have to go anywhere because it’s all here—grocery stores, excellent health care, retail and entertainment.”The Chamber of Commerce membership is dedicated to both the Chamber and the community. “Our members want to grow their businesses, and they also want our community to be healthy. They really care about Woodbury. And that’s a win for everyone.”