The Best of Tailor Made

Local allergy-friendly grocery store offers thousands of delicious finds, including these top five picks.

Ultimate Paleo Protein Powder
This gluten-free powder, specially formulated by Tailor Made co-owner Mark Norman, comes in chocolate, vanilla and unflavored. It includes hydroBEEF, which is a 100 percent natural, non-GMO protein. This powder is also used in all of the smoothies mixed up at the Tailor Made smoothie bar.

Fahlstrom Farms White Cake Mix
“Probably one of the best cake mixes I’ve ever had,” Tailor Made Nutrition co-owner and store manager Penny Winzer says. “The great thing about Fahlstrom Farms is that they’re also a local company.” This is a moist gluten, wheat and soy-free mixture and can be made dairy-free.

Gluten Free Jules Flour
This flour is available by the cup and is an especially popular staple available at Tailor Made Nutrition.

Silly Yak Baked Goods
This Madison bakery makes delicious gluten-free and dairy-free donuts, cinnamon rolls,  scones and more.

Jilz Crackers

These crackers are paleo and gluten-free. “They are the best tasting ones that I have come across. They’re light and very flavorful, and not so crunchy and hard that they hurt your teeth,” Winzer says.