East Ridge Students Join 363 Days Cause

National Honor Society committee aims to make 300 sandwiches to feed the hungry.

The beauty of a sandwich lies within two factors: simplicity and efficiency. That’s what attracted East Ridge High School sophomore Stephanie McKeen to 363 Days, a Minneapolis-based homeless ministry that aims to feed the hungry as many days out of the year as possible. The organization's method of accomplishing such a lofty goal? You got it, the ever-faithful sandwich—lots of them.

McKeen recently discovered 363 Days when she helped make 150 sandwiches at a family friend’s house for the cause.

“It proved to be super quick, easy and fun,” says McKeen. “We had younger kids at the house, and only about 10 people, but it only took us about 30 minutes.”

So McKeen decided 363 Days was the way to go when starting a new National Honor Society committee. Their first goal is to make 300 sandwiches January 14 in a two-hour timeslot between 10 a.m.-noon in NHS coordinator Elizabeth Bockman Eckberg’s classroom.

The challenge, of course, is lack of financial resources. Although there are about 30 NHS members dedicated to the project, it costs money to buy 31 loaves of bread, 610 slices of lunchmeat, 310 slices of cheese, 310 sandwich bags and gloves. McKeen, who started this project with no financial support, estimated the cost would be over $200.

“Although there is a risk of setting up this event without any funds, I feel like it's a great risk that we should be able to take,” McKeen explains. “It is a lot of work, but we have the support of many NHS members.” 

The committee members are being asked to donate, Sam’s Club donated a $25 gift card, Conwed Plastics also made a donation, and Coborn’s has helped out 363 Days financially outside of this particular project, but McKeen and her fellow NHS members are hoping for more financial support that would either go towards the event this month or for another in the spring, when they’re aiming to make 500 sandwiches.

“I know that’s a huge goal, but I feel like we could accomplish this goal because we already have so many students interested,” McKeen says. “Even students who didn’t have a chance to sign up have asked me if they could sign up for the next event or this event.”

To donate to the 363 Days East Ridge High School National Honors Society Committee, contact Bockman Eckberg via email or by calling 651.768.2583. Checks can be mailed to the school addressed: Attn: Elizabeth Bockman Eckberg, 4200 Pioneer Drive, Woodbury, MN 55129