POSTED Friday, January 6

The beauty of a sandwich lies within two factors: simplicity and efficiency. That’s what attracted East Ridge High School sophomore Stephanie McKeen to 363 Days, a Minneapolis-based homeless ministry that aims to feed the hungry as many days out of the year as possible. The organization's method of accomplishing such a lofty goal? You got it, the ever-faithful sandwich—lots of them.

McKeen recently discovered 363 Days when she helped make 150 sandwiches at a family friend’s house for the cause.

POSTED Tuesday, December 27

Love, specifically, parental love, is said to be the most powerful, most unwavering, and most profound among the grand spectrum of this completely-and utterly-indefinable-but-completely-necessary human emotion. And Kelly and Jeff Lavers, who lost their son Tyler to carbon monoxide poisoning in December 2010, are the personification of this all-powerful parental love.

I know because I witnessed it.

POSTED Tuesday, November 29

Let’s just start out by saying that I want to be Paul Runze when I grow up. Okay, I’m fully grown; but a girl can dream, can’t she?

Paul Runze, owner of Grove Coin, has been collecting coins for most of his life – and with one of the most extensive collections in the Midwest that includes coins from as far back as Julius Caesar and Charlemegne (Charlemegne!), it appears he’s really onto something.

Turns out, he’s just as fascinating as the coins he collects.

POSTED Wednesday, August 31

Nobody said coming up with $250,000 to build a disability-friendly baseball field would be easy. But miracles never are.  

The cause of building the Jeff Hanson Miracle Field is worthy, though, and that’s why a community fundraiser is being thrown September 11 at the Bielenberg Sports Center (4125 Radio Drive). All proceeds from the event go toward the remaining $35,000 needed to build the only field of its kind in the East Metro area. The field will be equipped with rubber turf that will be accesible to individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities.

POSTED Tuesday, August 9

Do you have dreams of being a magazine editor or writer? There’s no better place to test your writing and creativity than with an editorial internship at a vibrant magazine publishing community.

POSTED Tuesday, August 9

We all know Woodbury is a great place. But it’s time for local artists to let the specific spots that make Woodbury great be their muse.

Artists of all ages are invited to enter drawings, paintings, collages, photographs or video clips (must be in digital format) in the Awesome August Woodbury Days Online Art Contest.

Go Kids Day Woodbury, a Shop Local-Give Local community marketing program that supports local businesses and gives back to Woodbury schools and local causes, is sponsoring the event.

POSTED Tuesday, July 12

Since July marks Woodbury’s ‘green’ issue, it’s only fitting that butters&beans kids, an eco-friendly, fashionable infant line, is opening its storefront this month in Woodbury.

POSTED Friday, July 1

The best way to clear the cobwebs from a long Fourth of July weekend is to get your brain working again. Luckily for you, Globe University’s Woodbury Campus (8089 Globe Drive) is hosting FREE workshops during Community Education Days on July 5-6. There’s a focus on computer and job search skills, but depending on your focus (and as long as you’re 17 or older), you can pick from a variety of workshops:

(Class info provided by Globe University)

Intro to Microsoft Office: Learn Word, Excel and PowerPoint basics. July 5, 9:30-11:30 a.m. and July 6, 6-8 p.m.

POSTED Thursday, June 16

Here’s the situation: You need a new friend (doesn’t everyone?), and the Animal Humane Society (9785 Hudson Rd.) has a surplus of them.

June just happens to be Adopt-a-Cat Month, and it’s a time of the year when more and more cats are coming through the doors of the Animal Humane Society, which takes in nearly 20,000 felines each year. Unfortunately, the number of cats far surpasses the number of homes looking to adopt them. That’s where you come in.

POSTED Wednesday, April 6

To all you aspiring photogs out there: Grab your cameras, because our search for the best local photos is about to begin. Between August 1 and 31, aspiring photographers can submit up to three photos of local attractions, animals and more on our website,