Madison's Place Playground Kicks Off Crowd Funding Campaign

Funds raised will fund construction of the East Metro's first inclusive, completely accessible playground.

Madison's Place Playground will be the final shining jewel of the remodeled Bielenberg Sports Center. But money still needs to be raised to make it a reality.

The Madison Claire Foundation is launching a crowd funding campaign to raise $200,000 toward the balance needed to begin the construction of Madison's Place Playground, the East Metro's first inclusive, completely accessible playground. The 16,000 square foot playground will be incorporated into a project that includes an accessible splash pad water feature and accessible bathrooms.

The campaign kicks off on Friday, May 16 - the birthday of Madison Claire Millington who died at age 2 from Spinal Muscular Atrophy. "Our lives were made better through Madison's presence," says Dana Millington, mother of Madison Claire and founder of the Madison Claire Foundation. "We hope to make the lives of other children and their families even slightly better by building a playground named in her honor."

The goal of a crowd funding campaign is to have people come together as a "crowd" to help fund a project or cause. To make a donation, go to For more information on the Madison Claire Foundation, go to