Bonfire, Build, Bows and Bait

Bonfire, Build, Bows and Bait
Test out fishing and archery skills at this annual event.

The City of Woodbury is hosting Bonfire, Build, Bows and Bait for a fourth year. This family-friendly, outdoor event is a chance for boys and girls ages 4–12 to get a look at what fishing and archery are, as well as enjoy a sweet treat at the end of the evening.

“[We] provide the materials, supplies and equipment needed, so families can try out fishing and archery to see if [those are] skills that they enjoy and like doing together,” says Elizabeth Owens, recreation technician specialist. Participants will learn the basic skills of fishing, including how to bait a hook, cast a line and reel it in, as well as archery, including how to properly hold a bow and aim. “It’s very basic skills, more so to see if you like this or if it’s something you want to pursue later on,” she says.

The skill-building activities are topped off with building a LEGO vehicle to bring home and s’mores by the bonfire. “We think it’s a great opportunity for families to engage together and explore Carver Lake Park, which is a really wonderful gem in our city,” Owens says. “It’s an opportunity to take a walk around the park and look at the fishing pier and fire pits, open field and the pavilion.” —Hailey Almsted

Ages 4–12 with a participating adult. $15 (only children need to register). May 21, 1 p.m., 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. sessions available.
Carver Lake Park, 3175 Century Ave. S.