Civic Engagement Group Celebrates Milestone Anniversary

The Woodbury-Cottage Grove chapter of the League of Women Voters turns 50 this year (read more on page 22). In this clipping from the group’s archive, the Washington County Bulletin shared some news: Woodbury mayor Orville Bielenberg proclaimed the week of October 6-10, 1969, League of Women Voters of Woodbury Week (which coincided with the league’s annual fundraising drive).

That year’s goal was to raise funds for a study of the community and a subsequent report, and its associated printing and mailing costs. The league’s president at the time, Mary Jane Rohde, accepted the proclamation from the mayor and provided information about the drive to the Bulletin. Rohde is still a leading member of the group and shares more of her memories in our feature this month on the League.

According to the article, “Mayor Bielenberg, in his proclamation, urged Woodbury citizens to give their full support to the local League, in its efforts to present community problems and issues on a fair and impartial basis for the benefit of the voters in the community.”  

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