Co-working Office Space Comes to Woodbury

The Reserve offers open spaces and private offices for local entrepreneurs and independent contractors.

In the age of startups, freelancers and entrepreneurs, co-working spaces are becoming the new workplace. A co-working space is a professional shared workplace offering gym membership-type agreements for clients to utilize office space as well as professional resources in a community setting.

The Reserve, which recently opened in Woodbury, is one of an estimated 10,000 co-working spaces in the U.S.  Mary Bartlett, chief operating officer, calls co-working “the evolution of work. Nobody really works a 9 to 5 anymore.” And the growing trend of co-working attracts workers of all ages. “We have members as young as 22 up to probably almost 70,” Bartlett says.
With the new building hosting 42 private offices of different types, secure and stable technology, mailing services—even a private concierge to assist with organizational presence—The Reserve has been able to meet the needs of a variety of individuals and organizations.  According to Bartlett, the Woodbury area has many solopreneurs and residents who  work from home, most of whom travel into St. Paul or downtown Minneapolis for work meetings. The Reserve hopes to serve the population with very low risk commitment; offices start at $575 per month and accommodate teams of 1-7. “It’s very affordable; you really only buy what you need and it’s all inclusive,” Bartlett says.