Christmas trees at the Krueger's Christmas Trees

Though the Krueger’s Christmas Trees farm is on its second location, the passion for growing the festive trees remain untouched.

An illustration of a group of people, one of them wearing a yellow shirt with a red heart on it.

In a time of pressure and pain, giving thanks has never felt more important.

Volunteers pack food kits.

Giving promotes happiness as a reward.

A dinner guest and host hug at the front door.

A few dinner guest mannerisms to follow.

The Woodbury Lions Veterans Memorial.

The Yellow Ribbon Network helps uplift Woodbury’s veterans and their families.

A bald eagle takes off from a rooftop.

Congratulations to the winners of our 2020 Focus on Woodbury photo contest!

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A daughter sits on her father's shoulders.

We’re experiencing times when it’s easy to feel swept up and overwhelmed by the news, a pandemic and divisions in the wider society.

On June 4, Woodbury families, kids and teenagers marched from Colby Lake Park to Woodbury City Hall to honor George Floyd.

Carver Lake Park

It’s not easy planning a family outing. Enter Carver Lake Park, Woodbury’s answer to chasing away any summer indecisiveness.


Saturday, December 17
[Sports, Health & Wellness]
Come and help us celebrate the seasonal changes in the natural world.
Saturday, January 14
[Sports, Health & Wellness]
Please join us for a winter walk into the magical hours of twilight.