December Treats That Can’t Be Beat

‘Tis the season for tasty drinks and desserts that are perfect for your holiday sweet tooth.
The chocolate and tiramisu martinis at Cravings Wine Bar and Grille are elegant and delicious cocktail treats.

The holidays ARE HERE and even more important than the trees, ornaments and gifts are friends, family and, of course, holiday treats. Whether you need some holiday comfort food for yourself, a cake for the whole family or just a relaxing cocktail to cope with the shopping stress of the season, Woodbury has a treat for every occasion.

Chocolate and Tiramisu Martinis

Cravings Wine Bar and Grille
Chocolate and tiramisu are among the most popular desserts that often come around over the holidays. Another fact? They are also fantastic in your favorite traditional cocktails. The chocolate martini is a mix of Smirnoff Vanilla Vodka, Bailey’s Irish Cream and Godiva Chocolate Liqueur in a swirl of Ganache chocolate. The tiramisu martini includes Bailey’s Irish Cream, Smirnoff Vanilla Vodka and Kahlua, garnished with whipped cream and cocoa powder. $9.95 each.

Peppermint Mocha, Egg Nog, Hot Cocoa and Gingerbread Cupcakes

Nadia Cakes
Nadia’s seasonal cupcakes have all your favorite holiday flavors packed into delicious cupcakes. What could be better? Try some of your favorite toasty holiday drinks in cupcake form, such as peppermint mocha, a chocolate cake made with espresso and topped with a peppermint butter cream frosting. Or try egg nog, a cupcake made with real egg nog and topped with a French brandy butter cream and edible holiday decal. The hot cocoa cupcake is a chocolate cake topped with a marshmallow frosting and dusted with cocoa and topped with marshmallows. Another seasonal favorite is gingerbread, a gingerbread cake topped with cream cheese frosting and a small edible gingerbread boy. Note most flavors can be made gluten-free by advanced order. Pricing varies, starting at $2.50 per cupcake.

Christmas Butter Cookies

Dorothy Ann Bakery and Cafe
Do you love the appearance and taste of Christmas cookies over the holidays but not so much all the hard work? Dorothy Ann’s Christmas butter cookies are a great alternative and are comparable to the traditional spritz cookies with ridges. They are a dense form of a sugar cookie with an array of holiday flavor combinations and visual appeal. These delicious cookies can be topped with a variety of Christmas-colored icings and sprinkles. Request for your cookies to be garnished with Dorothy Ann’s unique winter wonderland decorations for a wonderful Christmas treat. Prices start at $1.89.

Butterscotch Fire and Ruby Sangria

Craft Beer and Kitchen
The butterscotch fire is a seasonal cocktail with a cinnamon-y kick that is sure to warm you up over the holidays. Made with butterscotch schnapps, Fireball cinnamon whiskey and Rumchata, the drink is finished with a cinnamon sugar rim. If you’re looking for a lighter, refreshing drink with some rich red holiday color, try the ruby sangria. This delicious drink is made with red wine, ruby red grapefruit juice, simple syrup, a splash of soda, and fresh lemon and lime juice. Butterscotch fire $9.50, ruby sangria $8.50.

Kowalski’s Nut Goodie Bars

Kowalski’s Market
Nutty desserts might be more common during the fall season, but it turns out they are just as delicious in December. If you were asked to bring a couple dozen homemade bars for a Christmas party but are a little busy this holiday month, let Kowalski’s do it for you. Kowalski’s nut goodie bars are filled with nuts and rich maple cream and covered in a special milk chocolate. No one will be able to tell you didn’t slave away in the kitchen for these tasty bars. Each goodie bar tray contains 24 bars. $23.95 per tray.

Pumpkin Pancakes and Caramel Apple Crisp Waffle

New Woodbury Café
The holiday treat switch from delicious pumpkin bars and pies in the fall to hot apple crisp and cider in the winter doesn’t have to be an abrupt change. In fact, why not enjoy both this holiday season? At New Woodbury Café, there are scrumptious options for both seasons starting at breakfast. If your sweet tooth has been craving dessert for breakfast, these sweet menu options are your perfect fit. Try the pumpkin pancakes—two pumpkin-battered pancakes drizzled with house-made vanilla crème and topped with cinnamon butter. Or experience the caramel apple crisp waffle, a hot homemade malted waffle topped with cooked cinnamon apple chunks, drizzled with caramel, topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with house-made granola and cinnamon sugar. 8.50 pumpkin pancakes, $5.95 for a single pancake, $9.50 waffle.

Apple Pie Cupcakes

Jerry’s Foods
Looking for a special dessert for your holiday party that is almost too pretty to eat? How about one with the look and taste of a warm and delicious homemade apple pie? Jerry’s apple pie cupcakes will be hard to pass up. These cupcakes put a unique spin on a traditional apple pie, starting with a jumbo white cupcake filled with an apple cinnamon filling, topped with buttercream icing, more apple pie filling on top and decorated to look like an apple pie. $3.99 per cupcake.