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Highly trained instructors will go over the basics of self defense along with a comprehensive list of pressure points and defensive moves. You will leave with more confidence on how to avoid being a victim and what to do in an attack. 

Terms & conditions:

Participants in this class are advised that due to the physical nature of the course, if you are suffering from any neck, back, wrist, knee, heart, muscle or similar medical problems such as stress, hypertension, high blood pressure, muscle strains, etc., you should not plan to participate in the physical part of this program.

Instructors will, at all times, exercise reasonable care and safety procedures for all persons attending the course. It must be understood that neither the Instructor nor the organization sponsoring this instruction will assume financial or other responsibilities for injuries or illnesses suffered from or related to any training received, nor can or will be responsible for any loss to participants as a result of damage of their property through fire, theft, or other causes. The participant must understand that this training is at the participant’s own risk.

The Details
August 29th 6:30pm-8pm