Exceptional in the Everyday

Angie Hare’s impromptu photo wins the Readers’ Choice award.

Sometimes, success is not all about the planning. Angie Hare, who captured this photo of her son Jack’s Woodbury traveling baseball team, calls this photo “dumb luck.” Forest fires, happening nearby in Canada, created brilliantly colored skies, and the lighting cast a friendly glow on the field. Hare also happened to be in the right spot to capture Jack, the catcher, as well as the trajectory of the powerful pop-fly. Most amazing of all, Hare, who usually shoots with a large Canon Rebel TXI, just happened to snap this photo with her iPhone 5. “I took this picture quickly because I saw the nice lighting, but I never thought it’d turn out so great,” Hare says. “I looked at it when I got home and was surprised by how well it turned out.”

Woodbury Magazine readers chose Hare’s fantastic snapshot as their readers’ choice favorite in this year’s Focus on Woodbury photo contest, proving that the splendor of happenstance happens, if we let go and look around us.