Fall Accessories with Personality and Panache

We’ve gathered accessories from local boutiques to build up your fall wardrobe.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift this fall, or simply looking for some additions to your wardrobe, Woodbury has some great boutiques for your accessorizing needs. Whether it’s the necklace you can wear every day, or the bag that pulls together an outfit, we’ve gathered some great ideas from local shops for any budget, style and age.

The Local Love Delicate Necklace ($18) was designed by Primp’s owners, so you know it will be a unique gift experience. The 16-inch pendant reads “Minnesota” in gold, making this great for lovers of the Land of 10,000 Lakes, or for someone heading off to college in a different state who wants a little piece of home to take with them. Primp Boutique

The Striped Infinity Scarf
($22) will brighten up a fall wardrobe without looking out of season, and is great for quickly adding to an outfit as you’re running out the door to make that appointment. And since it’s an infinity scarf, there’s no time wasted trying to figure out how to wrap, twist or knot. Patina

Quote necklaces ($54-$66) at Patina are great for the lovers of words, whether they are lyrical or literary. Choose from quotes by Bob Dylan, Maya Angelou and more, with additions such as charms in the shape of Minnesota. For the deep thinker or the dreamer, these necklaces will keep them inspired. Patina

Bee Inspiration Bracelets
($12.95) are for the friends who need to know how great they are. The beaded bracelets come in many colors, with words of kindness and inspiration around the band. “Generous,” “Confident,” and “Wise” are a few of the offerings, meaning you’re likely to find one that matches someone you know, and bring a smile to their face in the process. Patina

Berry and Citrus Brief ($98) The end-all bag, wonderful for whatever your needs are currently or will be in the future. The structured bag is perfect for storing files on your way to the office, your tablet for the bus ride to work, or a book for the unexpected wait. Not to mention the color makes it great for the young adult entering the business world for the first time. Patina

Alex and Ani (starting at $28) is a line that’s made for the down-to-earth girl who cares where her jewelry comes from. The made-in-America items are eco-friendly, reusing and recycling materials. (See more Alex and Ani on page 25). La Vie Boutique
Pictured: Sea Star Calypso Wrap ($38), White Water Odyssey Beaded Bangle ($28)

Hip Sisters New Age ‘Fanny Pack’ ($29) is the modern version of the classic fanny pack that fits like a band around your hips. This cool, modern accessory features zippers and pockets for fitting your money and I.D., and it comes in several colors to fit your style. They’re great for the world-traveler, or for days when carrying a purse is too much of a hassle for you to handle. Mainstream Boutique

Vera Bradley (starting at $12.50) is a go-to accessory line for all your gift-giving (and receiving) needs. Backpacks and pencil cases are perfect for students looking to bring style to the classroom, while larger duffel bags are great for the girl always on the run. Then there are the lunch bags, which will make your lunch in the office break room a little more exciting. La Vie Boutique
Pictured: Katalina Showers Lighten Up Lunch Cooler ($34), Teal Flap Crossbody ($88), Katalina Blues 2016 Agenda ($25)

Sassy Socks ($9.95) are for the quiet rebel. With bold colors and desins, and text like "'sup, nerd?" printed on the ankles, these make great gifts for the teen who likes standing out, and the office assistant hiding them under her pant leg. Patina

The Gold Medallion Earrings ($12) are for you or your bohemian friend, and are a great addition to a fun fall look. Primp Boutique

Alex and Ani (starting at $28) is a special jewelry line that comes in various metals and has charms depicting everything from trees to peace signs, perfect for individualization. La Vie is excited to announce that they have the first official Alex and Ani shop in the area within their store. La Vie Boutique
Pictured: New Beginnings Charm Bangle ($28), Tree Of Life Charm Bangle ($28)

Mariana (starting at $25) jewelry is for the glitzier girl, with bold colors and sparkling gems adorning the necklaces, bracelets and earrings. The jewelry makes a great accessory for dressing up a fall outfit, or for a special occasion. La Vie Boutique

Whispering Prayer Bracelets ($32) are beaded, stretchy bracelets for those who like a more comfortable style. They come in many colors, from bright turquoise to muted sand, and are adorned with crosses, hearts and sayings like “Live and Love,” and “Remember the Moments,” making them great gifts for special occasions. Or buy one for yourself for some ongoing inspiration. Mainstream Boutique

Black and Gold Wide Statement Belt ($14) is a one-size stretch belt for those who love fashion but need comfort to be a main factor. This statement piece works well with a tunic or a dress, and is extremely flattering around the waist. Primp Boutique

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