Focus on Woodbury 2014: Photo Contest Winners

The winners of our annual Focus on Woodbury photo contest are revealed.

Shutterbugs, our 2014 Focus on Woodbury photo contest has come to a close, and we thank our faithful readers for their gorgeous photo submissions and their online votes for the readers’ choice award.

The contest includes two different awards:

  • Juried panel: A panel of judges chooses a winner in each of five categories (Wildlife & Nature, Activities & Events, City Landmarks, People & Families, and Pets). We include runners up as the number and quality of photos allow.
  • Readers’ choice: Readers vote online for their overall favorite photo.

Congratulations to these all-star photographers:

Wildlife & Nature

1st: Hummingbird 3 by Dee Dee Davis

2nd: Chipmunk by Deborah Tom

3rd: Lone Bulb on Charlie Brown Tree Along Markgraf's Lake by Rita Gilliam

Honorable Mention: Lake by Leia Felicilda

Honorable Mention: Prelude to Fall by Julie Hall

Activities & Events

1st: Fat Tire Race by Steven Shor

2nd: July 4th Light Show From Dale Road by Ann Stout

3rd: Woodbury Days Twilight Highlight by Joyce Anderstrom

Honorable Mention: Riding the Wild Dragon at Woodbury Days by Janet Campbell

City Landmarks

1st: The Fire Hall by Ron Hawkins

2nd: The Road Home by Mandi Folks

3rd: Valley Creek Red Barn by Shannon Rode

Honorable Mention: A Stonemill Winter by Janet Campbell

People & Families

1st: Hero by Amanda McGrane

2nd: Boys of Summer by Angie Hare

3rd: Smile by Srilekha Senthil

Honorable Mention: Taking a Little Nap by Steven Kobayashi

Honorable Mention: Barrel It by Leia Felicilda


1st: All Smiles by Leia Felicilda

2nd: The Perfect Lineup by Mandi Folks

3rd: Vincenzo's Eyes by Ann Marie Ertel

Honorable Mention: Piper by Leah Luzinski

Honorable Mention: A Day in the Life of Aspen by Pamela Simonet

Readers’ Choice

Boys of Summer by Angie Hare

We do our best to feature winning photos on the pages of Woodbury Magazine and online during the coming year, so stay tuned to learn more about these great snaps.