Focus on Woodbury 2015: Photo Contest Winners

The winners of our annual Focus on Woodbury photo contest are revealed.
"Peek-a-PiperPoo" by Leah Luzinski

The 2015 Focus on Woodbury photo contest has come to a close and the results are in! Many thanks to our loyal readers who participate in the photo contest by submitting their beautiful snapshots of our community, and by voting online for the Reader's Choice award.

The contest includes two different awards:

  • Juried panel: A panel of judges chooses a winner in each of five categories (Wildlife & Nature, Activities & Events, City Landmarks, People & Families, and Pets). We include runners up as the number and quality of photos allow.
  • Readers’ choice: Readers vote online for their overall favorite photo.

Congratulations to these all-star photographers:

Wildlife & Nature

1st: Life on Mars! by Sarah Kroening

2nd: Lady by Donna Lloyd

3rd: Blood Moon over Woodbury by Steven Kobayashi

Honorable Mention: Fall at Oehlke Barn by Mandi Folks

Honorable Mention: Red House and Rainbow by Cheryl Singer

Honorable Mention: Love Doves by Gina Osowski

Honorable Mention: Bleeding Heart by Joe Briol

Activities & Events

1st: Circle Round for Woodbury Days by Joyce Anderstrom

2nd: Intense by Steven Shor

3rd: Batter Up! by Joe Briol

Honorable Mention: FREEDoM by Susan Jamison

Honorable Mention: Sunset over Woodbury Football by Scott Zuehlke

Honorable Mention: Winter Sleigh Ride by Steven Shor

City Landmarks

1st: A View of Bailey Nurseries by Ron Hawkins

2nd: Lighting the Way to a Cure by Jessica Chiu

3rd: Legographer by Manish Raichur

Honorable Mention: Public Safety Building by Ron Hawkins

Honorable Mention: Here's the Steeple by Jane Andersen

Honorable Mention: What will the new Avatar be? by  Manali Shah

People & Families

1st: Bathtime Is Lots of Fun! by Mandi Folks

2nd: Fishy Face by Christine Quirk

3rd: I Love Fall! by Stephanie Lundell

Honorable Mention: Stage by Ryan Roche

Honorable Mention: Oh, The Places You Will Go by Jesse Robertson

Honorable Mention: Brotherly Love in Woodbury by Nadine Schultz


1st: Thirsty Pup at Carver Lake by Mandi Folks

2nd: Peek-a-PiperPoo by Leah Luzinski

3rd: I got it! I got it! by  Maggie Wilson

Honorable Mention: Sweet Pea by Celeste McTighe

Honorable Mention: Black & White Wilson by Sydney Danielson

Readers’ Choice

-Eva in the Tulips by Erin Scott

We do our best to feature winning photos on the pages of Woodbury Magazine and online during the coming year, so stay tuned to learn more about these great snaps.