Focus on Woodbury: I Haven’t the Foggiest

A foggy Woodbury morning is the backdrop for this sweet sibling moment.
FIRST PLACE People by Mackenzie Harding

There’s something mysterious and very beautiful about fog when it rolls into Woodbury. Fog also makes a unique setting for a photo when caught at just the right moment.  

“This photo was taken at Edgewater Park on a rare warm February morning,” says Mackenzie Harding. “I had just dropped my other two children off at school and was mesmerized by the fog. We often walk around Colby Lake, and I coincidentally had my camera with me along with Amelia, age 4, and Theo, age 3. Adventuring with my children is one of my favorite things; I love capturing children unrestrained and exploring their surroundings.”

Woodbury has been home to Harding and her family for almost five years. “We moved here from Boston and absolutely love it,” she says. “It’s a fabulous place to raise a family.”

A stay-at-home mom, Harding also has a photography business, Mackenzie Merrill Photography, on the side. “It keeps my creative juices flowing,” she says. “Merrill is my dad’s name and the one who inspired my photography. As kids we used to roll our eyes at how many rolls of film he would use on family vacations. Those photos are now some of my most treasured belongings and memories.”

This photo from Woodbury Magazine’s Focus on Woodbury Photo Contest was taken with a Canon 6D camera with a 50 mm lens.