Focus on Woodbury: Love Doves

A fitting photograph for the Valentine’s Day month of February.

“I am always taking photos,” says Gina Osowski. “Last spring, I was watching these mourning doves as I was sitting at the kitchen table. The doves show up every spring. Yep, I’m a bird watcher; they are interesting creatures!”

Osowski began her photography hobby after her first child was born in 1993. “I enjoy photos of my kids, but they don’t really like having pictures taken of them all the time. So I love taking pictures of our county and state parks as well as old landmarks that I fear will be gone someday. I’m glad that other people enjoy capturing moments, as I do, through photography for other people to reflect on in the future.”

Osowski’s photo earned an honorable mention in the Nature category in Woodbury Magazine’s 2015 Focus on Woodbury Photo Contest.