Focus on Woodbury: Morning Light

Chris Dummer captures a beautiful black and white photo of his dog, Chloe.
This photo from Woodbury Magazine’s 2016 Focus on Woodbury Photo Contest was taken with a Nikon D7000/50 mm lens.

Currently a student at the University of Northern Iowa majoring in digital media production, Chris Dummer has been taking photos since he was in photography classes at Woodbury High School. After that experience, he purchased a camera as his interest in taking photos and videos became more serious.

“My dog is named Chloe; she’s a Hungarian Vizsla and is very energetic,” Dummer says. “She lies on my bed, where this picture was taken, almost every morning, even when I’m away at college.”

Dummer says he doesn’t take photos of Chloe very often, and that this photo was spontaneous. “I was lying on my bed and Chloe came to join me,” he says. “Being a photographer, I recognized the awesome lighting and decided to take the picture. Chloe doesn’t mind me taking pictures of her, which is a plus.”

The avid photographer, who now does freelance photo and video work while in college, enjoys taking all kinds of photos. “Portraits are probably my favorite as no portrait is ever the same and every person expresses themselves differently,” he says.