Focus on Woodbury: Splash Pad Fun

Youngmi Kim’s photo of her twin sons shows the awe and wonder of water on a hot summer day.

Woodbury’s splash pad, which opened last summer at HealthEast Sports Center, has proven to be a popular place for kids. It’s also a popular place for a photo opportunity as shown by this image of identical twins Kai and Keanu, taken by their mother, Youngmi Kim. “The boys were having a blast at the splash pad, totally fascinated by the water,” Kim says. “It’s very hard to capture both boys in the same picture as they tend to move around constantly. I was lucky taking this photo.”

Kim, an assistant professor at UW-River Falls, enjoys taking photos of her sons. “We had them after 11 years of marriage,” she says. “We had almost lost any hope of having a child of our own and then they came. I am so blessed to have two at the same time.”

It’s fitting that the boys enjoy time outdoors in the sun and water. “Kai means ‘big ocean’ in Hawaiian, and Keanu means ‘cool breeze,’ ” Kim says. “We are not Hawaiian though. I just love Hawaii.”

This image is one of a number from the photo contest that was taken with an iPhone. “Carrying a fancy camera and lens is not an option for me as my hands are full with two highly energetic toddler boys,” Kim says.