Focus on Woodbury: Woodbury Girls

Here’s a precious photo of two sisters, taken by their father.

This heartwarming photo, captured by David Butenhoff, is of two-week-old Ophelia (Ophie) being nestled by her sister, Elin, age 10. “Elin has a very sweet and artistic personality, punctuated with quite the independent streak,” Butenhoff says. “Ophie is a joyful baby, always laughing and smiling. She sleeps well at night, but during the day she just wants to be part of the action.”

This was an impromptu photo snapped by Butenhoff, who likes to take photos of nature, in particular the waterfowl that stop at Woodbury’s ponds during migration. The image of his daughters captures the instant love and protectiveness of an older sibling as a new life comes into the world. “Elin has told us that ‘Ophelia is my favorite person,’” Butenhoff says. “We were initially worried about the age gap of nearly 10 years, but it has been perfect. Elin is a great help with Ophelia and really gets to play a big role in raising her little sister.”

This photo from Woodbury Magazine’s Focus on Woodbury Photo Contest was taken with an iPhone.