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Hand flipping porkchops on the grill

What’s the word on your grilling skills?

Homemade Pizza

I think pizza is by far one of the best things you can make on an outdoor grill. During the summer, I grill pizza at least once a week. Our bakery makes the best fresh pizza dough—which is the hardest part about homemade pizza.

Woodbury High School graduate (WHS) Madison Sosa says she first heard of Nautical Bowls two years ago—she and her sister made the trek to Minnetonka to try it, and immediately fell in love.

Many people have hidden talents that just need to be found. A few go undiscovered, while others are found and become a lifelong passion. Some are even able to turn their new skills into a job. Juli Rojas is one of those people to turn her hidden talent into more than just a hobby.

It’s the weekend. You have friends coming over, and they are bringing their kids. You have food and cocktails planned, but what are you giving the kids? How about something other than pop? 

I’ve written many recipes for loved ones over the years: sister, daughter, son, husband, mother-in-law, best friend and so on. However, there is one very special friend I’ve yet to write for, even cook for—until now.

Sweet Buenos Aires

If you want to make your caramel and chocolate dreams come true, you need an epicurean bite of Paula Sabores Argentinos’ marquise—dense brownie cake, smooth dulce de leche, wispy Italian meringue and rich melted chocolate.

Stop and Smell the Rosemary

Last summer, my husband built me a new garden, complete with raised beds, storage for all of my supplies and a gate to keep out the “neighbors” (deer and bunnies, not you Mark and Andrea).

The Barbizon: The Hotel that Set Women Free

The Barbizon tells the story of a hotel’s fascinating history, from its conception and the tenement laws that lead to its design in the 1920s through its end as condominiums.

A Month  for Pairings

Once in awhile, moons align, and the right wine matches with great food. I hope you enjoy some of my absolute favorites for food and wine pairings as much as I do.