Food & Drink

A spread of food and drink from TST Creative Catering.

Summer means weddings, graduations and other parties are in full swing. Before you start planning, check out TST Creative Catering’s tips to ensure a celebration that feels extra special, but stays right on budget.

Well, what an exciting time to be a Vikings fan, with two of the top first-round draft picks sitting comfortably on the purple and gold roster, a brand new stadium under construction and the 2018 Super Bowl in the mix. Then there’s the rising Minnesota Gophers to cheer for.

No one knows how to rock summer like a Minnesotan; the precious season is one long party in our state. We live it up at outdoor fairs, a jubilant expression of civic pride and community connection.

Malts and milkshakes are some of the ultimate summertime treats, recalling
innocent days of play and long hours of sunlight. A jaunt to the local ice cream
shop to get a milkshake was a festive event. But the first milkshakes on the

Kowalski’s cedar plank grilled salmon.

Summer is here: time to move cooking to the great outdoors. Try these fabulous easy recipes courtesy of Rachael Perron, Kowalski’s Markets culinary director.

Kowalski’s Cedar Plank Grilled Salmon
Serves 8

Busy families and inexperienced cooks rejoiced when Let’s Dish! hit the Woodbury scene nine years ago. According to manager Barb Myers, a Let’s Dish! experience is inexpensive and easy to follow.

 The New Woodbury Café’s Tex Mex is a local breakfast favorite.

Mexican food may be Woodbury’s best kept secret. Usual suspects Acapulco Restaurante and Las Margaritas are no brainers, but have you tried a quesadilla at Bonfire? Or Carmine’s delicious nachos? That’s the catch about Mexican food: anyone can make it, but few can make it well.

The refreshing jumbo strawberry margarita from Las Margaritas.

A fruity drink calls to mind all sorts of pleasant associations: cocktails on the patio, refreshments on the lake, and nourishment after exercise. After all, a fruity drink epitomizes all that is treasured in a beverage; it’s thirst-quenching, delicious and celebratory.

The weather is warming and the outdoors is calling. Make a day of it by packing a picnic and relaxing in one of Woodbury’s many scenic parks. Here’s all you need to know for picnicking around town, from where to take your kids to cool off to what food to bring and how to transport it.

Spring is upon us, and that means many of us have caught the health bug. Whether your vice is cycling, swimming or extreme ironing, you need to fuel your body for success.

‘Tis the season for pomp and circumstance. During May and June—high school graduation time—seniors and their families get the chance to celebrate accomplishments and enjoy bittersweet endings and exciting beginnings.