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It’s the best of times; it’s the worst of times. It’s dinner with the family. Like a good old-fashioned buffet line, when you’re with this crowd you get a little bit of everything. The plate-piled-high dinners, excited storytelling and happy news sharing over everyone’s favorite dessert.

Jumbo shrimp cocktail from Danny's Bar & Grill.

This time of year, you’re doing a lot of serious eating. The holidays will do that to you. So when you go out this month, you might not have room in your belly for a tall stack of buttermilk pancakes, a full-on steak dinner or a stroll down the all-you-can-eat buffet line.

Naomi Baird

Name: Naomi Baird
Bar: The Tavern Grill
When to visit her: Weekdays during happy hour (3-6 p.m. and 9 p.m.-close)

Of course the French invented it: in involves copious amounts of cheese, special equipment, and is deliciously decadent.

The 10 oz. ribeye from Cravings Wine Bar and Grille.

Every so often, a deep, rumbling, primal craving overtakes you, and a voice inside your head says with finality and absolution: Must. Have. Meat. No measly burger patty will suffice. No meatballs, no drumsticks, no chops. For this kind of hankering, there’s only one entrée that makes the cut.

Cowboy Jack's new Woodbury location.

With five restaurants already under its belt, Cowboy Jack’s opened its first east metro location in Woodbury in May.

In the wake of decreasing fast food quality, Jake’s Hamburgers wanted to take a stand. So in 2010, the restaurant franchise’s name got a facelift. Now Jake’s Wayback Burgers, the burger joint continues to stay committed to premium customer service and big, fresh burgers.

It’s hard not to notice when autumn’s apple season rolls around. These big ruddy fruits fill barrels and boxes at the farmers market, the grocery store and every produce pop-up on the roadside.

Finally! Punch Neapolitan Pizza, that beloved Twin Cities eatery, is coming to Woodbury. Punch will open its eighth location in early September 6: Might be earlier. Check with Jenny for exact date] on City Centre Drive.

It’s time to take that colorful harvest of tomatoes and put them to good use. Try out a few new recipes, do your own sun-drying and simmer some savory sauces.