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A beautifully arranged cheese board

Kelsey Heimerl was once a leasing agent in Woodbury and frequently hosted wine tasting events for residents living in the community where she worked.

The temperatures are dropping and the holidays are just around the corner. We’re already starting to think about hot cocoa, warm apple cider and cozying up by the fire with some holiday goodies. Why not make it a cupcake?

Well-known Crave restaurant has opened a beautiful new location at Woodbury Lakes. Woodbury is the restaurant’s 11th location; other Crave locations in the Twin Cities include Edina, St.

Whoever coined the phrase “the more the merrier” probably didn’t have party hosts in mind. While we love to catch up with our 15 cousins and 17 grandkids, hosting the whole crew can sometimes feel more like a headache than a holiday.

The holidays conjure up memories of sharing, giving, family, food—and cookies! We all enjoy those decorative and delicious cookies that are part of the holiday season. Do you have a favorite family cookie recipe that’s become a holiday tradition at your home?

The rosés, the Rieslings, the crisp Vinhos Verdes: They’ve had their day in the sun. It’s time to uncork the fall-weather wines—the ones bold and deep enough to indulge our newfound hunger and sustain us through the long and dusky evenings.

The admonition not to play with your food is but a distant childhood memory; now we celebrate fun at the dinner table in many ways. One of the most fun involves dips. For French fries, veggies and chips of every hue, there is hummus, salsa, aioli, melted cheese and many more dipping delights.

Things got a whole lot spicier in Woodbury this year with the arrival of Spice Bazaar International Foods in January. The store caters to the east metro’s Indian and Pakistani population, and excites foodies and curious residents alike.

If you still think that avocados are fattening, it’s time for a mind shift. Yes, they are high in fat, but it’s good fat, i.e. monounsaturated, the kind that gives you shiny hair, befriends your arteries and lowers cholesterol levels. Avocados are also full of vitamins B, K and C.

Change is a beautiful thing when we desire it, but when it shows up on our front steps unannounced, we tend to want to slam the door in its face.

Kym Spiralke has brought Dixie Blue BarBQue to you. Last spring, a Woodbury branch of the restaurant opened to deliver genuine barbecue flavor to local residents.