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Vietnamese pho at Duc’s Restaurant

The North Star State, the Land of 10,000 Lakes, the Gopher State, the Bread-and-Butter State—though Minnesota has numerous trademarks, its culinary scene is also unlike any other.

The 10 oz. ribeye from Cravings Wine Bar and Grille.

Every so often, a deep, rumbling, primal craving overtakes you, and a voice inside your head says with finality and absolution: Must. Have. Meat. No measly burger patty will suffice. No meatballs, no drumsticks, no chops. For this kind of hankering, there’s only one entrée that makes the cut.

Cowboy Jack's new Woodbury location.

With five restaurants already under its belt, Cowboy Jack’s opened its first east metro location in Woodbury in May.

In the wake of decreasing fast food quality, Jake’s Hamburgers wanted to take a stand. So in 2010, the restaurant franchise’s name got a facelift. Now Jake’s Wayback Burgers, the burger joint continues to stay committed to premium customer service and big, fresh burgers.

It’s hard not to notice when autumn’s apple season rolls around. These big ruddy fruits fill barrels and boxes at the farmers market, the grocery store and every produce pop-up on the roadside.

Finally! Punch Neapolitan Pizza, that beloved Twin Cities eatery, is coming to Woodbury. Punch will open its eighth location in early September 6: Might be earlier. Check with Jenny for exact date] on City Centre Drive.

It’s time to take that colorful harvest of tomatoes and put them to good use. Try out a few new recipes, do your own sun-drying and simmer some savory sauces.

In a world filled with uncertainty, sandwiches offer a delicious constant. You’ve eaten them all your life—from gooey grilled cheeses when you were just a pipsqueak to multilayered clubs that take two hands to hold.

Chicken wings have been a mainstay appetizer for decades. In some dive bars, you’ll find the tender chickies piled en masse in great vats, preserved under heat lamps for the locals to load up on.

Beer tastes best in the summertime. That’s probably because you earn those ice-cold brewskis while milling about in that oppressive heat. Maybe you were giving the ol’ lawn a sensible buzz cut with the mower, or perhaps weeding the garden’s unruly snarls under the sun’s merciless rays.

Vinnie Mustafoski sounds like a proud parent when describing his new eatery, Vinnie’s Family Restaurant. “We pay a lot of attention to the food and how it goes out from the kitchen; every single plate goes through me or my manager so we can see it, and it’s gotta be perfect,” he says.