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Restaurant managers David Breen and Ben Berry have worked together at Tri-City Restaurant Management for over a decade.

The last decade in American food culture has borne a bacon frenzy that shows no signs of slowing, and why on earth would it? Bacon is beloved by all; even vegetarians are not safe from bacon-induced slipups.

St. Patrick's Day festivities at O'Malley's Irish Pub included live music, green beer, classic corned beef and cabbage, and Irish beers on tap.

We scoured our archives for the best dishes featured in Woodbury Magazine throughout the past year, added some tweaks and updates from these local restaurants—many of which are finalists in this year’s Best of Woodbury categories as well—and pulled together one delectable dining guide that crosse

We’ve heard about the importance of a daily breakfast so often that the joy has been sucked out of the meal altogether. The happy vision of fluffy pancakes or sunny fried eggs has faded; breakfast has become the dreaded spoonful of medicine, commanded by a wagging finger.

When mothers Renee Bychinski and Janelle Rizzardi were faced with the pressure of throwing a backyard bash for their graduating high school seniors, longtime friends Julie Walfoort, Peggy Dolan, Laurie Beebe, Mary Pat Oien, Julie Harreld, Cindy Kim, Judy Hall

Dazzling wine doesn’t have to be damaging to your bank account.

“Fishing season” opens this month, and not a minute too soon. Our winter-weary palates are desperate for a change. The carnivorous extravaganzas of the holidays are a distant memory and we crave lighter, livelier food as we ease out of the depths of winter.

Cravings Wine Bar and Grille is one of the most romantic restaurants in Woodbury, so February is the perfect time for you and your paramour to pay a visit.

It’s a seed…it’s a berry…it’s…superfood! This is not just a nutrition marketing buzzword—we all know that some foods are more healthful for you than others, and it follows that some are, in fact, super for you.