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The most common reaction I get when asking friends about Riesling is: “Riesling is too sweet!” Sure, Riesling wines can be sweet, but quite often they’re far from it. Dry Rieslings are some of the most popular food-friendly wines available.

Dishes are presented as beautifully as artwork at Sapporo Sushi, from the traditional rolls down to the floral accents and adornments like ginger and wasabi.

Everyone has those days when prepping and cooking dinner seems like a hassle.

Suggesting there’s anything hidden about Spanish wine is a bit odd. Spain is a large country with more acres of vines planted than anywhere in the world, and the list of great wines is a mile long. That said, Spain often plays third fiddle behind France and Italy.

For Miranda Willy, an obsession with Nekter Juice Bar was born during her frequent travels around the country. “In one trip to California, I went to Nekter 10 times,” Willy says.

As summer slowly but surely makes its way to Minnesota, a backyard barbecue starts seeming like a better and better idea. Rather than going for a run-of-the mill grill-out, why not try smoking your meat instead?

Summer Grill Foil Packets

4 corncobs, cut into thirds
4-5 red potatoes, washed and cubed
1 lb. Jerry’s Smokehouse Sausage, cooked and cut into chunks
Melted butter, to taste
½ cup chicken broth
Cajun seasoning

Summer is great for reading, whether you’re lounging on the beach on a hot, sunny day or enjoying the morning summer breeze on your front porch. Here are the first books of three mystery series that will nourish your inner sleuth all summer long.

As sure as Minnesotans are drawn to our state’s lakes and trails, Tim O’Brian is drawn to the Woodbury community.

Woodbury Cafe has a lofty goal—to ensure that every one of their customers has a perfect dining experience each time they walk through the restaurant’s doors.