Fresh Food for the Soul at Newly Opened Cafe Zupas

Utah-based Café Zupas opens its first Minnesota location in Woodbury.
The new Café Zupas was one of the first businesses to open in Woodbury’s CityPlace on Radio Drive.

The idea behind Café Zupas started 11 years ago in Provo, Utah when the founders decided to open up a restaurant that would provide gourmet, well-prepared food in a comfortable environment that could serve families, businesspeople and everyone in between. Their latest location opened in October in Woodbury’s new mixed-use CityPlace at I-94 and Radio Drive. Jen Robinson, Café Zupas’s PR and content marketing manager, describes the atmosphere as perfectly bright and airy. “You can also see back into the kitchen and watch where all of the food you’ll be eating is prepared,” she says.

Fresh produce is delivered to the restaurant every day, and their spreads, soups and salad dressings are house-made daily on site. Try one of their legendary classics such as the “Nuts about Berries” salad, Wisconsin cauliflower soup or the fresh herb chicken sandwich. They also offer a world tour of soups; every two weeks from fall to the end of spring they offer a new soup special. “The whole idea is that these are things you can and want to eat often,” Robinson says. Plus, each customer receives a complimentary chocolate-dipped strawberry with every meal to make each occasion feel special.