Best of Woodbury 2013

  • Shelly Strong and Renee Penticoff
  • Sara Gruett and Leah Huxtable
  • Paul and Amy Pflieger
  • Norma Hall, Lindsey Thompson, Sylena Funk, Kelli Kelemen and Jen McKinnon
  • Nevin Kamel and Michelle Campbell
  • Kim Ziton
  • Jack Lanners and Roger Green
  • Debbie Musser and staff writer (and Woodbury resident) Angela Johnson
  • Caleb and Stephanie Brunz
  • Betty Witte, Jem, Amderson, Jared Flewellen
  • Besty Pederson, Mary-Jane Heasley, Nancy Gunderson, Casey Gunderson, Linda DeVito and Jenna Rahn-Gozola
  • Angela Vanasse, Katy Erling, Frank Erling and Julie Erling
  • Amy Elliott, Dana Olson, and Stacy Lesefky