Get More Hair. Get More Life!

Hair Restoration Institute of Minnesota
The Hair Restoration Institute of Minnesota provides multi-therapeutic treatments.

Founded in the Twin Cities in 1995 and attracting a nation-wide clientele, the Hair Restoration Institute of Minnesota (HRI), is clear in its mission: to alleviate the suffering caused by hair loss and help people to “get more hair and get more life.” The bottom line is this: People don’t have to accept hair loss, especially when HRI’s multi-therapeutic treatments are available.

“Our difference is that we are not a single-therapy clinic offering only one kind of treatment. As one of the only multi-therapeutic clinics in the country, we customize treatments to patients and solve their hair loss using every means available,” says Nate Bruschi, HRI’s care coordinator.

One of the most popular treatments for male and female pattern baldness is a medical hair transplant—a one-day treatment with permanent results that HRI backs up with a clinical guarantee. HRI is the only clinic within 100 miles of the Twin Cities that uses Neograft minimally-invasive technology to complete transplants without leaving the traditional linear scar from older methods.

Led by senior physician Gary M. Petrus, M.D., a hair transplant surgeon with over 25 years of experience in his field, the HRI medical team adopts a holistic approach when it comes to tending to clients’ needs—before, during and after treatment. Each surgical procedure includes free laser treatments to promote healing, and every patient is provided with HRI’s own medically-formulated shampoo and conditioner to give them the best long-term result.

In addition to hair transplants, HRI also offers non-surgical options, such as platelet-rich plasma therapy, laser hair therapy and dermal lens hair replacement technology. “People want to look as vibrant, beautiful and fit as they feel, but life can get in the way,” says Laura Reed, manager of the Hair Replacement Department. “COVID-19 has been such a stressful time for so many people, and stress is linked to hair loss. We help people get their lives back—with hair!”

HRI’s future includes a new state-of-the art facility with calming views over natural vistas, where staff can continue providing a superior experience to patients from the Twin Cities and beyond.

Hair Restoration Institute of MN
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