Haskell's Winter Wine Picks in Woodbury

Haskell’s John Farrell shares his suggestions.

January is an opportune time to step out of your wine comfort zone and taste a new blend. Whether with a hearty stew or a bowl of fresh fruit, flavors lend themselves to different pairings. John Farrell, vice president of sales and merchandising for Haskell’s, believes a new wine is to be enjoyed rather than feared. “Every time you pop a new cork, it is a new adventure,” Farrell says. His recommendations:

•    Sparkling wines are often overlooked, but are a great way to begin an evening. Louis Bouillot’s rosé (around $15, prices vary) bubbles masterfully.
•    A chardonnay by Moreau (around $19, prices vary) follows the steel fermented trend. With an apple acidic aftertaste, it pairs well with a variety of foods at a dinner party, most notably sushi, chicken and cheeses.
•    Red wine blends have found a legion of fans by satisfying a variety of palettes and preferences. The Culprit (around $16, prices vary) not only showcases a cheeky label; it pairs nicely with pizza, ribs and fast food.

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