Health & Wellness

A year ago, at the Woodbury Area Prayer Breakfast, Mark Crea, executive director of Feed My Starving Children, challenged Woodbury to the idea of hosting a mega mobile pack—a community-wide ev

Ready for some girlfriend time? Woodbury Lakes has you covered with an evening of shopping, fun, prizes and entertainment.

Should you call 911, or not? Most of us have faced that on-the-fence moment with a serious—but not immediately life-threatening—illness or injury. Our emergency medical questions are answered by Dr.

Anyone with a basic understanding of the human body knows that we are made up of systems, and these systems work together.

Woodbury resident Derek Sharrer has wanted to be the general manager of a baseball team since his early years in college. Sharrer has been with the St. Paul Saints since 2004, but he didn’t start there.

Woodbury celebrates health and wellness with We Are Well Within, Woodbury, a 3-month long event that offers community-oriented events and activities to encourage and teach about healthy living.

Over a year removed from the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Russia, we’re so ready to jump back into the world of figure skating.

Yes, master gardeners have green thumbs and gorgeous, bountiful gardens. But did you know that they give back to the community through volunteer commitments such as teaching classes, answering questions about home horticulture and spearheading community gardens?

For the average golfer, the sport is a leisurely activity for weekends or the occasional summer evening. At Eagle Valley, the city of Woodbury course, the men’s team took the leisurely sport and turned it into a championship.