Health & Wellness

John Culbertson might be tired after a long day’s work, but when he arrives in Woodbury to lead the Thunderbolts adaptive sports teams, a jolt courses through him. “It’s, ‘Coach John this’ or ‘Coach John that,’” Culbertson says. “I’m trying to put out 100 different fires.

Come May in Woodbury, the ice is out, the grass is green and the trees are coming into full bloom as spring replaces winter. Bu sometimes Mother Nature plays tricks on us.

A stylist’s chair is sacred space. It is a seat of relaxation, renewal and even transformation. It’s also a relational space where stories are shared and bonds are created between beauty professionals and their faithful clients. We asked six Woodbury stylists to pretend you are in their chair.

As a former elite figure skater, coach Tom Incantalupo knows what it takes to reach the top. The Woodbury resident, now staff coach at Braemar-City of Lakes Figure Skating Club, has coached skaters to national and international success.

Lookout Ridge offers an indoor fairytale landscape for cooped up kids. It transports its visitors from the frigid Minnesota winter to a tree house environment. Kids crawl, climb and slide through Lookout Ridge’s obstacles.

The alarm goes off at 5:30 a.m. and you’re up and running. Literally, running. On the treadmill. Down in the basement. Because it’s January and it’s freezing outside. 7 a.m.: Get the kids up, dressed and fed.

“I always ask people how they are doing,” writes 16-year-old Donnell Rodgers.

Go for the gold by channeling your inner Mike Tyson. For those searching for a new and unique workout, Title Boxing Club opened a Woodbury location in August.